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Our ethos

We trust children to guide their own educational journeys.

Children learn best when participating in activities that they have chosen themselves. We observe closely and provide a wide-range of activities to promote their development, based on the interests we have seen.

We support children to make good choices.

We practice gentle methods of behaviour management and allow children to work through their emotions. We model and gently encourage positive behaviours, such as sharing and saying "sorry", but do not force children to do these things. We have clear, consistent boundaries. A child who is finding it difficult to follow the boundaries will be given extra time and support.

We believe children need a safe and loving environment.

We create a home-from-home atmosphere where warmth, familiarity and cosy spaces complement exciting new challenges.

We believe our children deserve us to be at our best.

As a team, we regularly provide peer observations and feedback on each other's work. We attend regular courses throughout the year to ensure continued professional development. Staff are highly valued and respected. We share examples of best practice and recent studies to keep our care and education at the highest standards.

We nurture each child's natural desire to be independent.

From a very young age, children are capable of much more than we traditionally realise. We support children in tasks such as dressing themselves, pouring their own drinks and regulating their own appetites.

We foster a life-long love of learning.

Both the Montessori and Forest School approaches promote curiosity, discovery and self-guided learning through play. Children learn why mathematical skills are necessary through building shelters and build up the skills needed for writing through games and self-chosen activities. We aim to inspire intelligence.

We show children the respect that they deserve, as all human beings should.

We understand that we are raising the next generation of leaders and it is our duty to model the kind of behaviours we want to see in them. Respect, kindness and empathy are shown to everyone in the setting.

We make great memories.

When staff or children have ideas for activities we strive to say "YES!"
Doing our best as Early Years Teachers involves making impossible things happen in the name of adventure and learning.

We treat parents as partners.

You are your child's first teacher and for us to provide them with the incredible childhood they deserve, we need to work together with you. Home-visits are available from our staff as part of the settling process.

What others say about us

As a brand new nursery we are eagerly awaiting our first Ofsted inspection and to share the results with you, however, you can read these parent and colleague testimonials about our Headmistress, Grace, or find out more about our team.

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